Protest or separatism?

401819_470044483071302_636990856_nHardly anyone could have imagined that the process starting from the protest on destroy of the park would have ended up in a such way, so did I.People are protesting to ongoing processes but nobody knows what will be the end.

First of all,pepolpe who protested against cutting down of the trees do not take into account the fact that sinceAKP government came to power more than 2 billion trees have been planted and forest restoration have been promoted. Therefore, it is obvious that revolt is not about trees, it concern more serious issues.

The revolting people note that they intend to create the coalition of the right, left, nationalsit and liberal and to topple the AKP. it is impossible to carry out this plan with such few people in a country with 70 mln population and there are a lot of people among the protesters who pursue their own interests. for example, Ms. Sirri Sureyya also took part in this protests. she was the one who met Apo in Imrali, sang at a meeting in Diyarbakir and is supporter of PKK. can you tell me why the person who wants to divide Turkey supports the protests ? of course, these are provokations of separatists who try to viloate the territorial integrity of Turkey.

Hundreds of people like Sirri Sureya support the protests and promoting the separatism. it is not known that what are these people protesting against and as a source of danger to Turkey they should be prevented. During Erdogan’s rule Turkey has developed significantly and transformed into a major power in the region. Do not turn a blind eye tothe truth because of masses. Turkey’s success is our success.

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